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“Welcome to Therapy Matters, a leading centre for clinical excellence in speech pathology for over 25 years, where we strive to make a difference so our clients can flourish and lead happy, connected and communicative lives. Our team currently provide therapy that matters to over 350 children and young adults across the Gold Coast and Northern NSW. In order to help you become part of this community, the first step is to find out a bit more about you so we can match you and your child to the best therapist.”

Tania Teitzel (Director)

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PLEASE NOTE: We can experience periods of high demand for our services. There may be a waiting time for some services. It can be difficult to provide exact timelines as there are many factors to consider. Our team works very hard using our Matching Matters Pathway to help us manage our waiting list as fairly, empathetically and responsively as possible. The more information you give us about your needs and the more flexible you are in the service you want, the easier it is for us to meet your needs sooner. 

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We provide regular on-site services to the following schools in 2024.

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PLEASE NOTE: At Therapy Matters, we take great care and time in selecting the speech pathologists on our team. While we are confident that your child would be in great hands with any of our therapists, we understand that sometimes, your child may need a therapist with a particular skill set or temperament. We know that this can be important to families so we welcome your input as part of our Matching Matters process. While we try our best to consider your wishes, should you request a particular therapist, they may not always have availability or there might be a long wait for their services. We have a large team to choose from and we are confident that there will be one match or more within our team to meet your child's needs. 

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