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Thank you for your interest in our Therapy Matters Group Programs.

Our team is innovative and we love to create groups customised to meet your child's needs. We run a variety of group programs throughout school terms and in the school holidays. Our programs are flexibly tailored according to the age, temperament, skills and needs of the children involved. We also have groups for parents too. Let us know if you have a new idea for a group program, we’d love to hear it!

Fill in the attached Sign-On Form to register your interest in any of our upcoming groups. 

Priority enrolment given to current clients of Therapy Matters. 

New clients to our service seeking to enrol in a group program will require a parent planning consultation and/or child assessment before consideration into our group programs. 

Tania Teitzel (Director)

Current Groups on Offer!

Term Time Groups

Lego Group : Helpers

  • Tuesdays After school

  • 6-9 yr

  • Getting started in a group

  • Build friendships

  • Learn Social Skills

  • $112

Lego Group : Builders

  • Mondays After school

  • 10+ yr

  • Extending Lego Building

  • Build friendships

  • Learn Social Skills

  • $112

Soar n Social 

  • Thursdays 10am - 11am

  • Preschoolers (4 - 5 year olds)

  • Soar in to school readiness

  • Be social with friends

  • Tailored to group needs

  • $112

See Website for more details on Group Programs

Holiday Groups

Lego Group : BIG BUILD

  • Mondays  2 - 5pm 

  • 6-9 yr or 10+

  • West Burleigh clinic

  • Teamwork 

  • Build friendships

  • Learn Social Skills

  • $336

See Website for more on our Group Programs

Information correct as of 29th June, 2022

About You & Your Child

Group Matching Information

Our Client Services Team will contact you by phone or email to book a Parent planning session and if needed a Child Assessment Session. Our Director / Principal Speech Pathologist will hold the parent planning session. The Parent Planning Session is part of our Matching Matters service to ensure that we best match family and child needs together with the services and therapist available at Therapy Matters. At times of high demand, there may be a delay in booking the parent planning session which may impact the timeline for your child's consideration in our group programs.
Our Client Services Team will contact you by phone or email to book a Fitting Session appointment. The speech pathologist that runs your chosen group programs will conduct this session. The Fitting Session is part of our Matching Matters service to ensure all children are a good match to the group and to each other.

What groups are you interested in?

Term Time Groups

Holiday Groups

WHEN can you attend group sessions?

PLEASE NOTE: We can experience periods of high demand for our services. There may be a waiting time for some services. It can be difficult to provide exact timelines as there are many factors to consider. Our team works very hard using our Matching Matters Pathway to help us manage our waiting list as fairly, empathetically and responsively as possible. The more information you give us about your needs and the more flexible you are in the service you want, the easier it is for us to meet your needs sooner. Some groups may only be available on certain days due to therapist and room availability. 

WHERE would you like the service?

Group Program Agreement

To ensure we can best meet the needs everyone in our group programs and to work to achieve the outcomes we expect, we ask that you read and agree to the following terms:

I agree to participate in all aspects of the program:

  • I understand that attendance is crucial in a group program to ensure that interactions can happen and can be built on from one session to the next.

  • I understand that the program is delivered as a package and inclusion in the program is an agreement to commit to the program in its entirety

  • I understand that no refunds will be issued in part or whole once the program commences

  • I understand Therapy Matters’ usual cancellation policy applies (e.g. notify before 3pm the day before if my child is unable to attend)

  • I understand that parents do not attend the any group sessions (except Lidcombe: All Together (Parent and Child attend) but will be provided with email, photo or video correspondence regularly throughout the group program

  • I understand that it is not possible for the therapist to provide spoken 1:1 feedback to every parent at the end of each group session however, I know that I am able to request a 1:1 parent feedback session with the therapist should I require more extensive information about my child's progress (billed seperately) 

  • I understand that all material developed to support the program remain the intellectual property of Therapy Matters

  • I agree to use any material for my own purposes only and agree not to give access or distribute these to any other parties

I agree to maintain privacy of information gained through group program participation:

  • I agree to respect the privacy of individuals and information obtained through participation in the group

  • I understand videos and photos may be taken of my child in the group and agree to the secure storage of these images

  • I agree to the use of images of my child to be shared amongst the group for the purposes of a record of group activity and documentation of progress against goals

  • I understand and agree that no image of my child or any other child or staff of Therapy Matters is to be shared in any way privately or publicly on any social media or file sharing platform

I agree to all of the above terms (NB failure to agree may impact your child's ability to participate)

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Thank you for completing this form.

Our friendly Client Services Team will make contact with you 

as soon as possible to match a group service to your needs. 

We look forward to helping you.